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WinterWonderlandExpress Hand-Painted Scene

WinterWonderlandExpress Hand-Painted Scene

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All Aboard the Artistic Express! Dive into the holiday spirit with our "Winter Wonderland Express", a stunning 18-inch wood round that transforms your wall into a magical snowy train journey!
🌟 Artistic Features:Size: Cozy 18 inches in diameter.Material: Sustainable birch plywood, sturdy and earth-friendly.
Hand-Painted Artistry: Crafted with vibrant acrylic paints.Dual Epoxy Resin Coating: For unmatched shimmer and durability.
Scene: A holiday train, adorned with colorful lights, cuts through a snow-laden landscape.
🎨 A Journey on Canvas: Imagine a train, bright with holiday lights, blazing its headlight through a snowy forest. This isn’t just a painting; it's a portal to a festive, wintery world, where every detail from the snow-covered trees to the gleaming railroad tracks is brought to life with expert brush strokes.
πŸ’Ž Epoxy Resin Brilliance: We've sealed this art piece with not one, but two layers of epoxy resin. The first layer safeguards the wood, while the second floods the art, ensuring that each color pops with a brilliant shimmer and the artwork is preserved for years.
🌿 Stylish: Made from birch plywood, this one-of-a-kind piece will be beautiful on your wall.
πŸ“ Dimensions:Diameter: 18 inches
Depth: Approx. .5 inch
Light enough for easy hanging
Protected by a flood coat of epoxy resin, this hand-painted wood round preserves its vibrancy and allure, ensuring a timeless addition to your art collection. The wood round comes with a D-ring on the back, allowing for effortless hanging and display in your preferred space.

- Intricate hand-painted scene
- Protected by a durable epoxy resin coat
- Equipped with a D-ring for easy hanging

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