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Enchanted Winter Eve Hand painted Wall Art

Enchanted Winter Eve Hand painted Wall Art

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Welcome to the Enchanted World of Artistry! Presenting our latest masterpiece, the "Enchanted Winter Eve", a captivating 18-inch wood round that brings the charm of winter right into your living space!

šŸŒŸ Features at a Glance:Size: 18 inches in diameter, perfect to adorn any wall.Material: High-quality mdf board, known for its durability.

Artwork: Hand-painted with premium acrylic paints.

Epoxy Resin Layers: Two coats, sealing the wood and enhancing the art's brilliance.

Scene: A serene winter park scene featuring a snow-laden horse-drawn carriage.

šŸ–Œļø Artistic Appeal: Each stroke of the brush brings to life a winter wonderland. The horse-drawn carriage, covered in a gentle layer of snow, meanders through a snow-kissed park, under the mesmerizing dusk light. It's not just a piece of art; it's a window to a tranquil, snowy evening.

šŸ’Ž Epoxy Resin Finish: The artwork is protected and enhanced by two layers of epoxy resin. The first layer seals the mdf board, ensuring longevity, while the second layer adds a flood coat over the painting, giving it a shimmering, lifelike quality.

šŸŒ² Style: Crafted from mdf board, this piece adds aesthetic value to your home.

šŸ“ Dimensions:Diameter: 18 inches
Depth: Approx. .5 inch
Light enough for easy hanging
Protected by a flood coat of epoxy resin, this hand-painted wood round preserves its vibrancy and allure, ensuring a timeless addition to your art collection. The wood round comes with a D-ring on the back, allowing for effortless hanging and display in your preferred space.

- Intricate hand-painted scene
- Protected by a durable epoxy resin coat
- Equipped with a D-ring for easy hanging

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