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Hand-painted Fall Bliss Wall Art

Hand-painted Fall Bliss Wall Art

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Fall Foliage Bliss Elevate your décor with our handpainted wall art showcasing a vibrant fall tree against a bright blue sky, masterfully crafted on an 18” epoxy-resin coated wood round.

Celebrate the essence of autumn with our Autumn Radiance Handpainted Acrylic Wall Art. This captivating piece portrays a tree in its full fall glory, with leaves in hues of yellow, red, and orange gently falling and adorning the ground, depicting the serene beauty of the season. The bright blue sky in the background enhances the warmth of the autumn colors, creating a harmonious and vibrant composition.

Crafted meticulously on an 18-inch round wood slab, approximately 1/2 inch thick, this artwork is a tribute to nature’s splendid transformations. The acrylic paints used are of high quality, ensuring vivid and lasting colors that breathe life into the scene. Seal and flood coated with table-top epoxy resin, the piece boasts a glossy finish, protecting the artwork and making the colors pop even more.

**Highlight List:** 

**Dimension:** 18” diameter, 1/2" thickness

**Material:** High-quality acrylic paints on wood, coated with epoxy resin

**Design:** Handpainted vibrant fall tree with gently falling leaves \n- **Finish:** Glossy, due to the table-top epoxy resin coating 

**Hanging Mechanism:** Comes with a D-ring hanger on the back for easy mounting 

**Detailing:** Vivid colors and intricate detailing for a captivating autumn scene 

**Durability:** Seal coated for added protection and longevity 

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