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Autumn Escape Horse in fall foliage

Autumn Escape Horse in fall foliage

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Autumn Escape

Embrace the beauty of fall with our handpainted acrylic art featuring a majestic gray horse running through an autumn forest clearing, showcased on an 18” round wood canvas.

Experience the allure of autumn like never before with our “Autumn Escape: Gray Horse in Fall Foliage Handpainted Wood Round Art.” Captured in vibrant acrylics, a beautiful gray horse gallops freely through a clearing, surrounded by the rich hues of fall foliage, encapsulating the spirit of freedom and the essence of fall in every stroke.

Every detail of this exquisite piece, from the horse’s dynamic movement to the textured autumn leaves, is meticulously rendered on an 18-inch round wood slab, approximately 1/2 inch thick. The painting is sealed and flood-coated with tabletop epoxy resin, providing a protective glossy finish that enhances the vibrancy of the colors and ensures the longevity of the artwork. 

**Dimension:** 18” diameter, 1/2" thickness

**Material:** Acrylic paints on wood, coated with epoxy resin 

**Design:** Handpainted scene of a gray horse amidst autumn foliage

**Finish:** Glossy, achieved with tabletop epoxy resin coating 

**Hanging Mechanism:** Comes with a D-ring hanger on the back

**Detailing:** Meticulous detailing of horse and fall foliage 

**Durability:** Seal coated for protection with epoxy resin 

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