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Sunrise Swirl Charcuterie board |Black Walnut Charcuterie Board|Custom Charcuterie Board| Purple Charcuterie Board| Live Edge Serving Board

Sunrise Swirl Charcuterie board |Black Walnut Charcuterie Board|Custom Charcuterie Board| Purple Charcuterie Board| Live Edge Serving Board

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Hey, culinary adventurers and style mavens! Ready to add a splash of vibrant colors to your kitchen escapades? Meet the "Sunrise Swirl" Charcuterie Board, the perfect blend of natural elegance and bold artistry. This isn't just a board; it's a statement of your unique style and a celebration of color!

What Makes it Awesome?

Naturally Chic: Embrace the organic vibes with its curvy live edge, bringing a touch of the wild outdoors right to your table.
Colorful Epoxy River: Flowing through the board is an enchanting epoxy resin river, a gradient masterpiece dancing from fiery red to sunny yellow, capturing the essence of a blissful sunrise.
Practical and Hangable: With a smartly carved handle on top, this board is not just for show. Hang it up as a piece of art when not in use.
Handcrafted with Passion: Each board is a product of love and craftsmanship, handcrafted in our shop, ensuring you own a piece that's as unique as you.
Why You'll Love it:

A Sight to Behold: This board is like a daily sunrise on your countertop or dining table.
Just the Right Size: Measuring a perfect 17.5" x 9.5" x 0.75", it’s ideal for all your charcuterie, cheese, and fruit arrangements.
Versatile Showpiece: Great for serving and stunning as décor, it's a versatile addition to your stylish kitchen.

Length: 17.5 inches
Width: 9.5 inches
Thickness: 0.75 inches
The "Sunrise Swirl" Charcuterie Board is the sister to our beloved "Sunset Ripple" board, and it's here to make your mornings as vibrant as your evenings. It's where art meets functionality, and every gathering becomes a little more colorful.

Say hello to "Sunrise Swirl", your new kitchen showstopper! This charcuterie board is a blend of natural charm and bold, artistic flair, featuring a striking red-yellow gradient epoxy resin river. With dimensions of 17.5" x 9.5" x 0.75", it's the perfect canvas for your culinary creations. Hand-crafted with care, each board boasts a unique, curvy live edge and a convenient handle for easy display and storage. The "Sunrise Swirl" is not just a serving board; it's a piece of art that brings the warmth and vibrancy of sunrise to your table. Perfect for those who love to blend style with substance!

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"Sunrise Swirl Board: Where Artistic Flair Meets Function"

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