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Pumpkin Coaster Set

Pumpkin Coaster Set

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Welcome to the Nightshade Nook Decor

Embrace the Spirit of Fall

Embrace the cozy ambiance of autumn with our Harvest Glow Maple Wood Coaster Set. Handcrafted to perfection, each coaster captures the essence of the season with its warm burnt orange epoxy resin river, evoking memories of crisp air, pumpkin spice, and golden hues.

Handmade with Care

Our coasters are meticulously handmade using high-quality maple wood, known for its natural beauty and durability. Crafted into 4"x4" square pieces, each coaster is carefully selected and finished to ensure a smooth surface and uniformity in size, creating a set that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Functional and Protective Design

Protect your furniture from unsightly water rings and stains with our coasters' durable cork bottom, providing stability and preventing slipping. To preserve the wood's natural beauty, we've applied two coats of clear epoxy resin to each coaster, ensuring long-lasting durability while enhancing the richness of the wood grain.

Radiant Pumpkin Charm

The highlight of our coaster set is the radiant burnt orange epoxy resin river that flows through each piece. Reminiscent of pumpkin patches and autumn foliage, this warm hue adds a touch of seasonal charm to your tabletop decor, making it perfect for fall gatherings and cozy evenings at home.


  • Set of 6 handmade 4"x4" square maple wood coasters
  • Rich burnt orange epoxy resin river
  • Durable cork bottom for furniture protection
  • Two coats of clear epoxy resin for preservation
  • Evokes the warmth and charm of autumn
  • Each coaster is a unique work of art
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