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Copper Live Edge Black Walnut River Serving Board

Copper Live Edge Black Walnut River Serving Board

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Natural Beauty and Functionality: Elevate your culinary presentation with the captivating Live Edge Black Walnut River Serving Board. Crafted from a premium black walnut slab, this serving board is not just functional but also a work of art that beautifully marries nature's elegance with modern design.

Deep Pour Epoxy with Copper Mica: The heart of this serving board lies in the deep pour epoxy mixed with copper mica powder. This intricate blend creates a river-like effect that adds depth and character to the piece. The interplay of the dark walnut wood and the shimmering copper mica makes it a true conversation starter.

Dimensions and Grain Highlight: Measuring 24 inches by 11.5 inches and half an inch thick, this serving board offers ample space for arranging your delectable creations. The exterior epoxy resin pour not only enhances the aesthetics but also allows the natural beauty of the walnut grain to shine through.

Black Metal Handles: The serving board is designed for both visual appeal and practicality. The inclusion of sleek black metal handles adds a touch of modern elegance while making carrying and presenting dishes effortless.

Stability and Easy Lifting: Rubber feet have been thoughtfully added to the bottom of the board to ensure stability during use. These feet also prevent sliding and protect your surfaces. When it's time to carry the board, the rubber feet make lifting a breeze.

A Gift for Every Occasion: Whether it's a housewarming, a wedding, or a special celebration, this Live Edge Black Walnut River Serving Board makes an exceptional gift. Its unique design and functionality will be appreciated by anyone who enjoys culinary craftsmanship

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